Feeling Like You Need Healing?

sad-patientYou don’t need healing, you just need reminding. You are a magical being. You walk two worlds. This external world which has boundaries and your internal world which is boundless. Everything on the outside (including physical symptoms) is a rough reflection of your internal world.

Your Internal world is shaped by your thoughts and emotions. Thinking that you need healing sounds/feels like you are on the passive side of receiving. Passive thinking does not have as much power as active thinking. I suggest you recognize what is bothering you and take an active approach to it. Decide to get rid or evict a sensation, habit, thought, etc. out of your internal experience. Believe in your self and stick to that decision and do research, try, experiment, do whatever, but DO! …and I promise you, one day in the future, without even realizing it that energy that made you think you needed healing will have dissipated without even your own realization. It won’t be the actual thing you did, it will be the decision and the energy you invested in whatever you did. This by the way is the biggest secret behind the whole medical industry fraud. We are all unique and doctors nowadays are single minded. First they follow a general protocol and fill you with chemicals not produced in Mother Nature (when your body is of Mother Nature only). Then they send you to a “specialist”. Finally they start experimenting with you. And as all of this is going on, it is your showing up and putting up with all this crap that actually cures you. The Power is within you, Always!

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3 thoughts on “Feeling Like You Need Healing?

  1. Valerie Durand-Spellman


    I sent you an email some weeks back and I never received a reply. I was inquiring about your services and pricing.


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