Nurturing a Helping Energy

ee534b30395fad9802de25b9342173cf--celtic-goddess-moon-goddessRecently, I wrote an article about not needing as much “healing” as we think we do. Specially when we visit doctors, which tend to be very expensive and invest their beliefs in artificial cures. I received many emails asking me a more detailed process in self healing.

The process is very simple and even logical. One important thing that I did not stress in that article is that the miraculous disappearance of the discomfort occurs while you are unaware of it. This is tricky, because how do you became unaware of, say, a pain in a joint that constantly hurts. The quick answer is through a habit. Let me explain, as you decide to self heal or cure yourself, this immediate impulse pulls power from your inner unlimited potential. Doing your research and consulting for these purposes helps on the more external and physical workings of the condition you desire to resolve. Now comes the powerful part, adding a constant habit (or small ritual) to your life, that includes the benefits of the research you did. The goal is to live a life that filled with these little meaningful actions from the moment you wake up to the moment you retire to bed. For mystics this is called, living a life of blessings. By the way, this same principal applies if you desire to heal others. You can implement actions in your personal life to improve the conditions for others.

The more habits/rituals you add to your daily routine, the less each of them has your conscious attention. This allows your inner power to flow obstructively to remedy or improve any condition you have desired before. Eventually, one day you realize that something that ailed, worried or bothered you is no longer within your everyday experience. When that day arrives, it is time to find a special moment or gesture for gratitude.

Be Powerful, Be Blessed, Be Grateful…

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