Observing Life

Observing LifeMore than a decade ago, when I started on this Path, many teachers would mention that to be a Shaman, meant to “observe life”. This didn’t make too much sense to me, since, I thought that, as we live, we are observing life, right? Well…not really, there are certain symbols, rhythms and signs that are constant in our minute to minute existence and these will be disrupted as important changes are getting prepared to surface in our consciousness.

In 2009, I was by myself  in Guatemala connecting with the information from the Tikal Pyramids. In one instance,  I was directed to look in a certain direction and I was able to see the floor undulating. For a split second I thought I was hallucinating, but then I physically felt and heard the tremor. At that same moment I had a mystical understanding of how experiences reach us. They originate from an unknowable dimension (a Higher Intelligence) but their manifestations will always have some sort of an announcement. With shamanism you become extremely keen at these slight changes in the fabric of reality.

Although I regularly teach these Arts and skills, you don’t need to study this to be able to understand that maybe some changes are coming. Just pay attention to the out of the ordinary shifts within your regular cycles. Here are some basic ones:

  • Breathing
  • Digestion/Cravings/Hunger
  • Sleep/Tiredness/Daily Energy
  • Feeling too cold or hot
  • Behavior in loved ones or changes within a steady everyday interaction
  • Anything that breaks and cannot be put back together
  • Pets developing a condition
  • Something big/expensive around the home that needs repair

All of the above and many more details around you will be constantly communicating about shifts in the energy within your life experience. It has to, because everything that is around you is sustained by your own vibratory frequency. If that frequency changes or if your future’s frequency is to change then certain physical manifestations need to shift or go.

This is one of the disciplined ways we shamans look at the fabric of this reality. We really don’t care much about things in terms of: good or bad, expensive or cheap, useful or useless, etc. We know reality is but a reflection of The Divine Energy behind the veil of this material illusion.

If you’d like to know more about this subject or would like to make an appointment with me in person/Skype, please fill the form below…Sending you many Blessings

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