Specialized Shamanic Services

good-will-hunting-boat-painting-625x313While many of my clients obtain my services for a positive energetic boost and/or help in everyday situations. There are some cases that require the more mystical aspects of the art I practice.

Very often people will find themselves in a streak of bad luck, things will somehow seem to be going persistently downward, or there will be a sense of blockage in one or more aspects of their life. Even the logical mind will recognize that there is “something else” influencing outcomes in a way that defies the normal averages. In these cases it is not illogical to just consult with someone like me. Very often it’s not something as intense as it was thought. Other times, a shamanic process is required to set the sails in the right direction again.

Life has a constant flow and there are currents and cycles within it. People around us are constantly emitting vibrations as well, if their thoughts, emotions or intentions are toxic this can be detrimental. Mystics and Shamans know how to recognize these. Always keep in mind that Mother Nature is in a perfect balance. It is normal to experience storms in the journey of life, but sometimes we can also become adrift in a menacing ocean. In those cases, I can be your compass.

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