The Law of Balance, Why You Want It

The only reason we go through situations we dislike in life is to learn lessons. The faster we learn the lessons, the faster we can get back into a harmonious lifestyle of continuous blessings. Eventually a new lesson is due and we have to go through it to increase the brightness of our soul. What we perceive as “big” problems occur when we don’t get the lesson, try to outsmart life or just get used to living with the repercussions of a failing lessons. The lessons, need to be learned, otherwise they become bigger and graver. Eventually things can get so bad that the physical life cannot be sustained and a reset (rebirth) is needed under a different human life to continue the learning.

This is where a shaman can be very helpful. We have knowledge, skills and tools to understand the original lesson. We get to know it in its original vibration. Very often I remind my clients that when they come to visit me, I am not really concerned about the person they are but more the Soul they are. It is exactly the same principle with their problems or discomforts, my priority is not its definitions but rather its vibrations. Something like an abusive partner can have the exact same vibration as a being discriminated for religious beliefs or suffering of panic attacks or being underpaid. This is where the “Law of Balance” can do its magic. The Universe understands manifestation primarily through vibration. If the vibration is proper the unwanted conditions cannot remain. Shamans see this very clearly, but if you don’t have one at hand, common sense, intention and observation will do the trick.

Animals and children seem to know how to regain balance by natal intuition. If their senses reject it or they just don’t like it or feel a sense of repulsion, the stimuli is not accepted into their experience, this is just common sense. Once an unwanted characteristic is focused on and actively targeted for change/improvement, this ignites intention. The Universe recognizes the vibration of intention as motion with direction from point A to Point B. Lastly, very important (and something that just becomes second nature in shamanism) is the observation of the flow/discrepancies around people, events and situations in contrast to common sense actions and intentions of parties involved. Observation, will always yield signs and hints about where the balance of things are, you just need to give it enough time. Try it, find a condition you’d like to change, see where you’d like it’s balance to be and use common sense, intention and observation to tweak it to your desired vibration.

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