Medicine and Divination

About a month ago, I saw client who’s foot had suddenly gotten red, hot and swollen. He could barely move it and it hurt to the touch. I did some basic healing but my intuition told me that it was more about a personal issue rather than a clinical problem. I also used a couple of more esoteric techniques to see if I could get more information about the condition. After I got my answers, I told my client that unlike what his doctor was saying, it was not arthritis nor anything related to any of his pre-existing health conditions (he had some, but no need to share that here).

A couple of weeks later, the foot is still giving him problems. It has healed and flared up again a few times since. He’s visited a couple of other doctors and has called me a few times as well. To me it’s a process he has to go through while he releases a couple of heavy emotions related to a life shift. For the doctors that have seen him, it’s more about one antibiotic or another. In the mean time the condition lingers.

Just a few minutes ago he called me. He was emotionally relieved. He’d finally been approved by his insurance company (and other doctors) to go see a foot specialist (podiatrist). That doctor said that it was not arthritis and that it was more like an inflammation related to lack of movement. He also admitted that he still couldn’t diagnose the problem, so he suggested “trying out” a few different medications and waiting to see how the body would react.

In the end, I already know that through time, this discomfort will go away as my client adjusts to a change in his current lifestyle. As a shaman, for me his foot-specialist is literally saying the same thing I am. He needs movement and one thing or another will be administered in insignificant amounts while giving “time” for the body to react (adjust). The doctor is literally practicing the “Law of Balance” with my clients condition.

I have been very lucky to have had medical doctors come visit me as a shaman. It has taught me so much about the cognitive process they develop in their profession. Although both our approaches use different areas of the brain, our intentions to heal are the same. That vibration will eventually yield harmony in our point of focus, in this case it being a patient. I have also had conversations with people that only believe in logic and “verifiable” science. In these cases their willingness to visit my perspective is close to zero; yet when asked in a way that bypasses their mental biases, no one can deny the important role that intuition has played in their area of expertise. To mystics and shamans, intuition is divination in its purest form. We all use intuition in one way or another, very often it feels like a hunch, other times we just know, sometimes just by concentrating we naturally allow it to guide us.

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