Choosing The Right Lawyer, A Shaman’s Advice

Iustitia (Lady Justice, Roman Deity)

Shamanism can be a very strong ally while involved in a legal conflict. We shamans have the unique ability to peer inside the intentions of people and forces involved within the situation. Ironically and sadly one of the main complaints I hear from my clients in these situations is usually not from the courts or opposition, but rather from their own hired attorney. Very often, communication is not on point and it can become toxic or dysfunctional. This leads to the person in need feeling more frustrated and angry, which leads to a very negative vibrations. These type of vibrations will lead to undesired manifestations.

Having had attorneys as clients as well, I have seen both sides of the issue. Most of the time it’s just wrong matching of energies when deciding which attorney to hire. keep in mind we exist in a dimension of Time, Space and Consciousness. These three factors must be systematically tested within yourself and the attorney being considered before hiring him/her.

As you first meet a potential attorney, strongly keep in mind that the legal problem is yours, never his/hers. Also know that the money to be paid upfront (as retainer) will also be yours as well. As for the attorney the office space and time spent with you will dictate if he is hired or not. You can always and at anytime walk out and go to someone else.

The attorney’s license will be the “tool” that will be used in your favor within the legal system. The license is the attorney’s livelihood, so it is a huge priority for him/her to maintain it under safe operational parameters (more on this later).

Now, we can focus on assessing if this person is a good match to represent you:

  1. If you had a broken toilet, you’d call a plumber. In this case you have something that needs fixing legally so you are seeking someone to fix it. You are the seeker and you are the decision maker, in essence you hire the attorney. This fact needs to be very present in the client. Lawyers are NOT your therapists, friends, librarians, shamans, etc.
  2. Space. Just observing how comfortable you physically feel in his office the first few minutes will give you a hint of how the whole case with him/her will be. Observe the chairs, table, the pens and pads being used, the demeanor of the assistants, the art, the plants, etc. This will tell you if this person is practical, cold, analytical, emotional, experienced, greedy, etc.
  3. Time. Practicing Law is a very practical, logical and almost mathematical cognitive process. The initial consultation should be managed by the client not the attorney, otherwise it will be conducted as attorneys are trained to think and act. You already know your problem, but you are now here to see if there are any new solutions, use this time to discuss possibilities and strategies with your potential new hire. Lawyers must think in linear ways, but not all legal problems are limited to linear solutions. It is your job to come up with alternatives. Most of your alternatives will be dismissed by the attorney in front of you, and this if fine because we are looking at the way he reacts. Is he/she getting impatient, frustrated, agitated, or keeping cool and collected? Do they love the process of the law, explaining it to clients or just wants to receive your check and get to work? There are no wrong behaviors here, we are looking for someone that matches your vibration so that the process and problem are resolved to your satisfaction.
  4. Consciousness. Is this person benevolent? Back in my real estate years I dealt with many attorneys and I would always get a kick out of this step. It was a way to break the ice and also to show my familiarity with their profession. We’d discuss the needs or projects I had and at some point I would offer some sort of a “kick back or bonus” if my deal was “ushered through” or if some regulations were “…overlooked”. I am very proud to say that not once in 14 years did any attorney actually entertain what I would say back then. Most of the time, they’d have a second or two of a “WTF moment” and then strongly react either with dismay, disgust or wanting me out of their office on the spot. At this time I would crack a smile and they’d realize they had just been had. This would introduced the type of relationship I’d bring in if I decided to hire them. However, there was a deeper factor at work here, I had assessed that they were honest people and had also showed them that my mind could go a little further than their average client (in the context of a joke of course). This created mutual respect from the very beginning. Of course a couple of them did not take the joke lightly and would stay a little uneasy for the rest of the initial meeting. This would indicate insecurity, sourness, internal issues, etc. and would result in my not hiring them. Trust me, if you can’t have a laugh in your job something is seriously wrong.

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