2021, Adopt Labors of Love…Munay

In one of my initiatic journeys to Peru, I asked one of the master shamans how the ancients had managed to build those gigantic structures, he replied without hesitation that it had been a “Labor of Love”. He followed with the word, “Munay”. He explained that all wise men there know that miracles can only happen when honest effort originates from a pure heart. Will-power fueled by pure Love.

I lovingly want to share this concept with you as we start 2021. Regardless of one’s opinions or leanings, I think with a little reflection we could all agree that so many of the human events in a world wide scale nowadays are Not originating from a desire to Love more. I can humbly share that on an every day basis as I share my art with fellow humans there is a strong sense of connection. I deeply care about everyone I interact with professionally and this creates an atmosphere of love. I’ve never been happier or have experienced a stronger sense of purpose in my life. Inner peace is like something that once experienced you can never go back to the mundane empty life that unawaken life offers. The way to this is Munay.

I’d lovingly like to invite you to reconsider every action you habitually take daily, and restructure your motivations in a way where Love is the originating factor. Even if you have to go to a job you can’t stand, tie that action and its result to some Loving reason that it supports. For example, maybe you hate the job, but it helps bring up your children…and for that reason love should be applied to the assigned tasks. Constantly vibrating in love will create a flurry of miracles in your life.

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