Keep Moving!

I was having a casual conversation with one of my spiritual advisors. I had mentioned that the last year or so had seemed to have possessed an entangled energy. She looked at me and said: “The natural state of balanced energy is to flow; whenever you have any sort of indication of being stuck, just move”. It took deeper thinking to realize that this applied not only to physically twitching but all the way to move from when one lives.

As an Urban Shaman and Therapist, I often have to abandon my ideal spiritual state of being and engage in business thinking. Living in a city, requires dealing with unnatural things like bills and “costs of living” (…that phrase is so ridiculous when you think about it). As a business owner I also have to consider things like taxes, marketing, expenses, etc. Keeping my practice healthy is a big part of being a full time Shaman. In the last few years although my expertise had developed the product delivery felt outdated. Upon reflection, something kept pointing towards optimizing the space. I tried many changes but in the end the true solution was to move to more optimal conditions for living and practicing as a therapist and shaman. Now, a few months later I wake up everyday with a sense of refreshed enthusiasm and my business has never done better.

As humans we are constantly emitting energy, staying still or repeating an action will create a cyclic effect. This applies specially to relationships, addictions, routines, etc. Shamans don’t dislike habitual behavior. We are very observant of it. As time flows, elements in our material existence subtly shift and change and we have to be careful that old habits are in constant harmony with new conditions, If not, something needs to be rebalanced.

By the way this principle applies in all areas. It is particularly beneficial in old stuck useless emotions, such as resentment, emotional trauma, hopelessness, jealousy, etc. Try remembering a past event that affected you negatively and “Move” those emotions, make them flow, evolve them, invent and daydream a completely different outcome if possible. Re-tell the story with a funny and heroic twist. Always be the heroic and adventurous protagonist of your own story; or come see me you will always be that Hero for me as your Shaman, because I know this to be the ultimate Truth in your Soul.

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