Keeping an Eye on your Phone and Habits

The energetic implications of power to seek information and connect globally from a device that is with you at all times, has ushered human consciousness in ways the ancients would tip their hats at. Current society “sells” an idea of how reality is, but this is quickly realized incorrectly with a little mystical training or an existential experience. For the older generations, the ones that have lived the quick transition in technology this reality shift has been gradual. For the younger generations that arrived to a world that portrays a reality based on these handheld devices, perception can become unrealistic. “Hucha” in Andean Shamanism, is the name given to any dense chaotic energy within one’s realm. If this energy is left unchecked, with enough time, it will grant access to more complex and destructive manifestations in one’s life.

This is why we have so many young people in the prime of their life with emotional conflicts. I’ll just take a quick opportunity to also include that I suspect this is the reason “Hollywood” likes to include a rebellious teen in all their shows. A shaman does not accept unhappiness as a stage in life. The idea of parents not knowing what to do as their kids act out, or worse cocoon themselves in despair, honestly, is a direct failure on our social acceptances.

The solution is to recognize patterns of habitual activities and the emotional states they produce (energy). If undesired, then balancing elements need to be added. For Shamans, humans are dualistic beings. We experience night/day, cold/hot, up/down, active/passive, etc. Seek these patterns in your household. It’s okay for certain periods to have predominance in one end of the scale, but if emotional discord starts becoming habitual then it’s time to balance the energy.

Anytime we work with balance, we work with flow. Very often the problem does not originate where it manifests, but actually in conditions leading to it or conditions that are a consequence of it. Stagnant energy hates change. We can observe this process set in with our elders. In shamanism, we use natural opposites to reset the harmony. In other words, for a short determined period, we will purposely behave in a disorganized, even chaotic way just to break a toxic cycle. This disrupts the stagnancy and allows energy to flow through its natural course again. Think of it as temporarily disrupting a river’s path and then just allowing it to naturally find its way downhill to the ocean again. Mother Nature is always in balance and always perfect. Most of humanity’s afflictions are cause by a disruption of what is natural. Try this with your schedule, toxic relationships, unwanted habits, thoughts, etc.

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