Discerning Who You Listen to

One of the tenets of the Andean Cosmovision is to exist in harmony with your environment. This means that everything around you should contribute to your inner life-force. It also means that all your actions should in one way or another support the flow of life all around you.

Keeping up with this concept can become tricky in city life, so much of what we do directly and indirectly goes against the natural flow of life. When I first awakened into a spiritual existence, I took this concept very seriously and made some very dry decisions, starting with trying to eat vegan and raw. That lasted for a few months until my physical health started deteriorating.

With the way the world is interconnected, if you dig deep enough (and sometimes not so much) you’ll find that in almost any action you take some sort of natural law is violated. This knowledge in itself will go against your inner well being. My suggestion is to go within, where your real power resides and start there.

If you are reading this far, then you understand the power of manifestation and intention. Don’t let propagandist agendas pester your inner alignment. Avoid those horrific articles, photos and videos. knowing or not, whoever posts those are not helping. The idea of “awareness” to a Shaman should be accompanied with something uplifting. Why would someone want to propagate appalling energy? It can only be due to ignorance or just the inner state that person is in.

Set your intention, pray or bless everything you interact with. If life-force was sacrificed for your well being, practice daily active thanking. If news of terrible acts reach you, avoid harsh judgement and instead come up with some sort of optimistic scenario for the near future. Mother Earth welcomes us here to learn and not all souls currently here are in the same level of consciousness. This is the reason we are so strongly recommending that “Shamanic Teachings” become a household practice. As technology and globalization advances, the human race needs to maintain healthy roots in who they are and what it is here to do.

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