Trauma and Your Shield

Our current human condition does not allow us to see the entirety of what we are. A little training activates the ethereal vision. This opens up a whole new way to see and understand our world. One concept that is widely known is that “thoughts are things”. Shamanically speaking they are energetic vibrations. We understand that in an environment, let’s say a dessert, certain types of flora and fauna will thrive, while the conditions will be unfavorable to other lifeforms. Imagine your energetic field as an environment that can harbor and embrace certain types of energetic vibrations, while repelling others.

An initiations is exactly the process of adjusting one’s inner and outer vibration in order to welcome energies of wisdom, resilience, healing, etc. You could say this is the process of “love” as well. As you like someone and love starts developing towards that person, your inner and outer vibrations will slowly adjust to welcome a relationship with that person. If the person is not a true match, that same set of vibrations will create discord and stress towards continuing that romantic process.

Trauma, unfortunately, has all of the elements to lock in an unwanted set of vibrations in our personal shield. Once seen this way the healing can be swift and surprisingly effective. If we understand that certain vibrations or trends of emotions in the case of trauma will trigger a negative effect, then the objective becomes to energetically seek the triggers and to reset them to a desired vibration. The Shaman can do this very directly through the use of ritual and subtle expanded states of awareness. Most often in my case, my clients aren’t even aware that they are literally rewriting their life experience.

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