Examining your Core Beliefs about your Identity and Worldview

Can you get along and even love someone with absolute opposite core beliefs to you? In Shamanism, we say a big: “Yes!”. The Andean Cosmovision has no conflicts with other beliefs systems because we understand that the human being is so incredibly powerful and exits in this life with such a crucial purpose that what he/she believes in is part of their learning Path. We “believe in beliefs”, not in right or wrongs. “Beliefs” in themselves will have a specific vibration which will open and close possibilities for the believer. It’s a beautiful process that is infinitely efficient and precise.

If beliefs grant or deny access to certain realities, then a smart idea would be to polish your beliefs to live a wise, happy, healthy and just life. This is more simple than it sounds. Let’s say you are spending time following people on social media but by the time you stop watching your phone you feel depressed. It’s not the action that needs to be adjusted but the belief within the action. For me recently it was the “news”, paying attention to it was starting to bring up very heavy emotions and beliefs, so I made the decision to believe that at this time in our society it would require too much of my time to discern events that don’t really affect me directly. Now, I spend most of my time in my personal education and believe that very capable people dedicate themselves to making the right decisions regarding world and local events. I choose to believe this and that choice grants me sovereignty over my own emotions and state of being.

“Identity” is another popular word nowadays; for Shamans it couldn’t be more simple: We are all Children of Mother Earth, (no exception). Mother Earth loves me and I love her and I also love my sisters and brothers. I identify as a loving son of Earth. Key word “Loving”. If confused, go back to the basics. How are humans at their core? Observe babies and pick up on the attributes they naturally exhibit that you “believe” will provide you a good living. One final word I’d like to mention here is “trauma”. This word is defined as an emotional response to a terrible experience. Be very conscious of your belief in this concept. We can all go through a terrible experience and we can all have an emotional response to it, but once the experience is over, so should the emotional response. It seems like there is this understanding that the experience happens once but the emotional response keeps replaying over and over. Shamans have many exercises that release the energetic connection to these memories, that will in turn release the emotional response, if you’d like to know more about this look up: Soul Retrieval.

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