Are you Looking for a Mentor, Master or Role Model?


Have you ever noticed that truly great people are not after compliments? They are so true to their nature that anybody actually looking up to them makes them feel uneasy. This occurs because great people have discovered for themselves that greatness is within. It is a potential we all posses, and one that must be diligently and carefully nurtured into development through inner work. Looking up to someone in awe, uselessly redirects valuable self-energy externally. Actually, if the “awe-energy” is directed towards someone that has not achieved the proper wisdom, proportionally to their area of greatness, that energy will inflate their ego, thus unbalancing them. Great people are subconsciously aware of this, and this is why they avoid that interaction.

I present this point here, so that if you ever seek guidance or training you keep two basic points in mind:

1. Know, that no one person can develop your true magnificence but yourself. Someone can offer their experience, but then it is your job to dissect that and perfect it to your own vibration. There is no perfect way to do things, because we exist in an ever expanding Universe, so by that very nature things will always be evolving and improving.

2. When you meet the person that is an apparent “expert”, regardless of his/her track record, reputation, credentials, qualifications, etc. if the person is full of himself and/or you do not detect a slight sense of humility towards their expertise, their ego is running the show. Ego, is a survival mechanism and by its function, it will always harbor fears. This is not an energy you want close to you when seeking greatness.

This state of existence we call life, is nothing more than you in the process of learning, expanding and perfecting yourself. All “outside” of you is but a reflection of a fraction of what you are within. Use the reflections (ie. role models, books, circumstances, lessons, etc.) as instruments of assistance, but never depend on them. Always know that the only true and real power is within You.

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