Above all…You Are FREE!


Very often I am asked what a Shaman does. My short answer is that we provide the means for the “Self Realization” of your Divinity and its potential. In mundane life it’s hard to stop and realize the magnificence of “Being”and of existing and being self aware of the process. It is truly a divine gift. To make it even more valuable, we are fully endowed with “Free Will”. We really can think and feel any way we choose. As a hierophant (master mystic) I can share that even among celestial beings, living humans have a wider range of choice than they do in many contexts.

So, for the skeptic, the next question is: “Do we really have full control of our emotions and/or our thoughts?” Many of us have been in situations were our fears, anger or excitement has won us over. To that, I would reply that it is like driving a bit too fast on a slippery road, you may slide but you still know where you want to go.

The real blockages are in the pre programmed thoughts that may have weaseled in your beliefs at certain times of innocence or lack of awareness. To unleash your free will and start manifesting with your self realized potential…start with the advice our friend Voltaire gave us in the 18th Century.

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One thought on “Above all…You Are FREE!

  1. Roz

    Sharing a writing of mine from 2015. We are the children of the spirits. Following paths of the unknown. Being cautious where no one sees us or hears us. Illusions of images. See what you want, not what you see. Change it- constantly.Peace, Roz Thanks for your knowledge.


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