Remains of a Bronze Age Shaman


This skeleton was found in what used to be a Bronze Age food storage hole in Nitra, Slovakia. Researchers are pretty sure it was a shaman, because of the unusual circumstances of the burial site and some of the adornments the skeleton has.

The article goes on to say that shamans in those times where very important in the community because of the belief that they could help with optimal weather conditions for harvesting and healing the ill.

I was greatly disappointed though, when the head of the archaeology team had to add: “The question is, if they were really solving problems or the society just believed it”. Of course the shamans were solving problems or does this “scholar” think that the whole population of Bronze Age Nitra was stupid? Even nowadays we shamans solve problems that scholars tremble to admitting when they see the evidence; or worse they steal components of the cures and solutions we come up with to industrialize it and make profits off of the needs of people in their communities.

For the full Article from “The Slovak Spectator”: Click Here

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