I’m Back…I think?

2020, one of the last days in my original Shamanic Session Room

It’s been 6 months since my last post. The normal Flavio would have told himself, he was slacking, but I think if you are reading this, we can all agree there is nothing normal left after 2020. What a year. Shaman Flavio, actually agrees that I kept my hands out of the mix while 2020 was having its way with us. We were all dealing with our own existentialism in our own unique perspectives. Now in 2021, as far as I can see, the most I can say is that we went through a “Portal” of a new reality last year and now in this one we are about to start exploring and adjusting.

Many changes in my personal life and I guess I will share those as the posts start reappearing here. To my beloved clients and friends, I moved, both home and office, so please make sure you mention this if you make an appointment. I am now providing zoom sessions and the usual in-person sessions as well (face-masks optional). I fully sterilize my new office with alcohol and UV light in between clients.

I mainly use this platform to share insights and tips on Shamanism. I’ve had many good ideas in the past few months, but just didn’t perceive anyone out there needed even more new information. How I continue from here…being 100% honest, I really don’t know. As always though, it will come straight from how I am feeling and thinking. In fact that is one of the things I would super strongly advise every person in these times:

Prioritize and Pay Attention to your own Legitimacy

I can’t stress enough how easily hurdles and unexpected events can be handled when you’ve done your inner homework. Through out the day take a moment to ponder and really strengthen a comfortable and honest relationship with the most intimate parts of your self. Trust me, the years to come will do it for you if you don’t. Better to take control of it ahead of time.

That’s my little update.

Wishing you Light, Love and Life Force,

Shaman Flavio

***To contact me or to make an appointment, Please email me here: Flavio@HealerShaman.com***

2 thoughts on “I’m Back…I think?

  1. crcorso57

    Hello Flavio, Thank you for your sincere email, I am glad you’re back as I’m relatively new to you and Shamanism. Do you have and explanation of what we would discuss in a session?

    Best, Christine


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    1. Hi Christine, most of my clients are guided by their intuition to contact me. Once we start communicating privately the subject(s) to be discussed tend to surface almost immediately. It doesn’t really matter what the subject is because we, Shamans see all as an interaction of energy.


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