The Secret to Success in making a Living

Imagine more than ten years of being told how to think, to be quiet and to sit still…how would this affect your human development? This is what most of us have experienced while being educated.

To be “pragmatic“. This is what came up in a quick search: “a person or a solution that takes a realistic approach”. We Shamans believe in dreaming our life into reality. We suggest a different approach…

Do exactly the opposite of what you were told to do in those early years. Get off your chair and follow your interests, interact as much as you can with them and expand your thinking through them. Unleash yourself towards whatever interests you, until it bores you. Live a life that is rich and that satiates you. This unstoppable life flow will produce variety of skills: some small, some useless and some incredibly unique. This pursuit will also make you dedicated and focused because you want to (and not because you have to).

Eventually out of all these interests, a pattern will emerge, revealing your calling and your unique contribution to the rest of us in the human race. It may not make you a millionaire or famous or any other illusion you’ve been convinced to believe you want, but it won’t matter because you will be fully self made. Your service or product will not possibly fail because it will originate from the impulses of your soul and it is your soul’s melody that creates your perceived reality here on Earth.

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