How can you evolve, if you don’t even know your basics?


Imagine waking up in a strange bed in some unknown home and after getting a hold of yourself discovering that you don’t know the city or place or even time you are in for that matter. As a matter of fact, you don’t even know the language or your own name. Basically, you don’t know who you are and what you are doing in this place. Someone else names you and they also teach you how to communicate…can you see where I am going yet? This is the way we are born, the way we come into this existence. Due to the nature of our physical vessel, we need time before the basics can be discovered, but must they be.

There is a reason you came here. That reason can only be found within, deep within. That special and unique vibration that only you carry is a magickal contribution to this dense existence’s expansion, it is also a gift in the form of tests and challenges to you that facilitate the evolution of your true nature, your Soul.  This is the basic principle that must be harbored and must be placed as a priority before material engagements and commitments are taken on. This is the message that most religions and belief systems benevolently express, but that is many times twisted into a  material discipline by people assuming they can interpret the practice without themselves having gone through the process. Besides, this is an inner exploration driven by your divine free will, no one and nothing can (by Universal Law) interfere with this transmutation.

Currently, Earth is in a new cycle, we are constantly being permeated by energies unperceivable to the physical senses and sciences. The Time, is here, we are to focus and develop the important aspects of who we are. Very important is to know is that no leader or guru can take you there, this is something where some guidance can help, but under no circumstances buy into the old paradigm that you can’t do it on your own. Direct your “will” with the intention to know yourself and you will. As it was written in the great Oracle at Delphi: “Know yourself, and you shall Know the Gods”.

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