Your God of Light and Darkness

In Shamanism, we don’t believe in a”savior” god and a damning devil. For a follower of the Andean Tradition that would be like saying that day is good and night is bad. If we categorize it as good and evil, then it also kind of takes away from the omnipotence of God. Plus, that belief process promotes fear. It creates a sense that if we are not careful while here on Earth, there are many situations that could harm us or even worse damn us…oh yes, and if that is not enough, damn us forever, Jeeez!

In a healthy family, both parents love their children and take care of them and when necessary teach them ways to be a better person. In The Andean Tradition prayer has exactly the same tone and feeling as speaking with your parents; but with with multiplied intensity. The love and trust that is felt when communicating with Creator-God-Dad (or Mom-Mother Nature-Pachamama) produces a sense of strength and well being. If your parents created everything for you with unlimited potentiality and love, how could anything be out there lurking is this world scheming to hurt you? Now, on a side note, Trickster Energies are accepted to be around, but their intentions are not so much considered malevolent, just very very mischievous.

Shamanism sees light and the positive as a vibration, which benefits have been understood. Darkness and what is perceived as negative is seen as potentiality which benefits has not yet been understood or discovered. As an example, if you are walking down the street and someone tries to rob you, that person’s potentiality is not yet being put to its best use, because he/she is not aware of it. In the case of a serious health condition, it would mean that the energy creating this discomfort hasn’t still being understood or properly allowed to flow in a healthy pattern.

One of my teachers explained it to me like this, “if it’s the middle of the night and you get lost, there is no need to get scared of a boogeyman coming to get you, because thanks to that darkness you will always have the stars, insects, breezes, etc. to guide you safely. You just need to talk to them and keep an open mind to when and how they answer”

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with this Truth, your life will reflect your inner patterns. I invite you to make a conscious decision to start proving to yourself that you live in an Earth that loves you and is constantly producing everything you need to live healthy and happy. Discipline your mind to remember this and you’ll see how your external world will start proving it back to you.

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