Who do you look up to?

Here’s an original idea…how about yourself!!!

I just recently came back from vacation. We were blessed to have been staying in some amazing resorts. We made a few friends there too. Most of them were all very interesting and successful people. The most gratifying part of making new friends was to have the leverage to appreciate other people’s gifts as well as our own while getting to know each other.

When I first became empathic and could not shut it down at will, one of the first surprising side effects that hit me was the amount of insecurities and fears people feel while interacting with others. I could not understand the toxicity levels that happened underneath apparently pleasant social circumstances. As years have gone by, I am more and more careful about which type of environments I spend time in.

Doesn’t it make sense, that you should totally get along, approve and love the person you spend all your time with? ie. Yourself. Think about it, you have complete free range of who you are to yourself. There is no outside force dictating how this relationship should be. Furthermore, you can privately be with yourself whichever way you want to. Take the time to design this relationship and to make yourself your own hero. Become the epicenter of beautiful and exciting interactions, starting with yourself!

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