Using your Sleep Cycle for Success

Every morning as we step off our bed, we’ll discharge an energetic signature through this Space-Time Reality. Later, as we end the day and go back to bed, in sleep many of those energetic signatures will return to us. This phenomenon explains why dramatic deaths tend to produce hauntings. Strong energetic traces are being exuded and they get imprinted in that space, essentially replaying an energetic event in time.

Knowing this principle can help us choose which energies we’d like to increase or decrease within our life experience. If we had a really rough day interacting with someone, before going to bed those memories and emotions are consciously banned from returning to your energetic field. Speaking it out loud is one of a few techniques to achieve this. It also helps to get rid of memory triggers related to the event. Things like clothing, small objects, music, places, choices of food, etc. If there was a really positive event in the day, then mentally exaggerate it and it will multiply its effects. If possible, relate it happily as if someone next you was listening (which within the Spiritual Realm someone always is!). Let’s say, you could have done better in some other situation. Replay the event in your mind with the most successful outcome. Mentally know that this intent will favorably adjust the energy of the actual event and also the perceptions of others that were involved in it. Sleep yourself to be a winner!

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